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Dock Clock and old code...

Posted on January 19, 2011 at 1:25 AM

Dock Clock was a very successful product that I released a few years ago for Mac OS X. Simply put, it puts a clock in the user's dock. Unfortunately Mac OS X 10.5 broke the dock icon drawing process so the product no longer worked when everyone transitioned to Leopard. I couldn't fix it because REALbasic 2007r1 (the IDE I use) wasn't up to date with all the nuances of 10.5. It took me a few years but I have finally gotten back to Fixing Dock Clock.

I am currently trying to reorganize Dock Clock to be prettier on the inside and the outside. Unfortunately I wrote all the code four years ago. And I didn't comment all that well. And I used bad names for the various properties. And I assigned two boolean values when there should only be one. Basically it is very bad code from the days before I knew about coding standards or, apparently, any type of quality at all. 

So now this daunting project stands before me and I get slapped in the face with midterms week. Also, I need to start tracking how much time I spend doing 10101 Software development. 

Wow! Sorry for the abrupt start to this blog. My name is Tristan and I own 10101 Software. I also do all the designs, coding, and graphics for the applications released here. I am in my third year at Milwaukee School of Engineering in the software engineering major. 

I want this blog to be a convenient and casual outlet for my perspective on the world so have fun, comment, and share with your friends. 


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