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Posted on August 31, 2011 at 9:00 PM

First I want to get product announcments out of the way, then we can get to other, more different topics. 

Dock Clock 3 development is going very slowly. I have been running into problems with the large nober of options. I am thinking of rewriting a lot of the data handling systems becuase I don't think it makes for expansion. On the other hand there will be many more gorgeous presets included! 

Podcast Assistant 1.6.3 is being reviewed for the Mac App Store right now. Windows and Linux versions will be available when the mac version passes it's review. This version fixes indentation, an XML error, and a bug that caused a crash when the last edited file was moved. 

iFactor is a new product that I will be introducing on the Mac app store and on Windows. It is a multiplication board game that is actually quite addicting. It can also be used as an educational tool. More details about that in the future. 

XPrefs 1.6.6 will be released as soon as I find time to finish the Developer Tools page. It will be a place for me to put all my tiny utilities that I make for my development process that other developers might want. For instance I could never decide on SKU numbers for my apps in the Mac App Store so I decided to write an SKU generator. My SKU numbers are generated from a 64-bit hash of the application's unique identifier. I will be releasing that app on the dev tools page as well. Oh, and all the developer tools will be free! 

Aaaalright, now to the more exciting stuff. 

I have been working on Fragmented Galaxy again but from a different angle. I actually drew up some desgn docs and have a road map for development. I already have a very nice OpenGL game engine set up and it even generates galaxies of stars. (I am adding planets next) While it is only 2D right now, It will progress to 3D when the economy, world building, and data handling all check out. 

As a final note I have been listening to this a lot recently. 

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