10101 Software Legacy

Developer Tools

Here is housed the magnificent monument to developers! Tools of all shapes and sizes. 

Easy Code Sign

An app for every developer who doesn't use Xcode. 

An easy to use app that signs your code but can also perform the following tasks:

  • Makes packages for the Mac App Store
  • Applies entitlements
  • Inserts the sandbox manifest
  • Replaces the app icon
  • Replaces the Info.plist file
You may also save configurations for each app you sign. 
Coming soon to the Mac App Store! 


A tiny REALbasic database solution for when you don't want to deal with DBMS queries or the job is small. All information is stored as XML and many datatypes are useable; all primitives, dates, arrays, and dictionaries. The download houses all 3 versions: 

  • XDB Light
    • Only one DB file in the OS's Application Data folder. 
    • Autosave. 
    • File saving popup window. 
  • XDB Module
    • Use as many database files as you want. 
    • All-in-one global module. 
    • Instant access to database from any location in code. 
  • XDB
    • Use as many database files as you want. (one instance of the class per file)
Download XDB here. (REALbasic 2009 or later)